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Achieving Success in Any Area with Us

When trial and error is not an option, clients choose Sense of Equity, LLC. Our clients hire us to address productivity issues and to help them get on a path to greater success.   Review what our clients have to say about our performance.  Some were desperate to resolve their problem of preparing their organization for a CARF certification or some other task.  Their chances seemed slim before hiring us!

We pride ourselves on “Excellence, Experience, Efficiency”. We have decided to focus on the types of core organizational leadership needs that most organizations and businesses value. Our experience is second to none.  Give us a call and let us help you succeed.

Our Core Offerings

Leadership Training & Coaching

With a unique combination of experience, education, credentials and expertise, we provide training on diverse topics in the public and private sectors. We share pertinent knowledge, skills and experience guiding clients towards reaching their full potential.

Corporate Training/Mentoring

We provide customizable group training solutions. From small businesses to large corporations needing to ensure proper safety and compliance training and reduce liability, we work to grow skill sets and revenue.

Organization/Program Development

Successful companies measure outcomes to make sure they continue to get the biggest bang for their buck. We integrate the best measures and practices incorporating them into our program to direct the organization's growth and desired outcomes.

Grant Writing/Reviewing

Grant Reviewer experience includes: SAMHSA, Bureau of Justice Assistance, US Department of Education. We provide a three tiered approach to our grant writing consultation services. Contact us for details.

Accreditation Services

Commission on the Accreditation of Rehabilitation Services (CARF). We have over 18 years of experience as a CARF Surveyor (Administrative and Program Surveyor) . Contact us to begin your accreditation preparation process.

Clinical Supervision

Signature benefits: We are competent with a track record of success. We are, accessible. We provided high-quality services by skilled, experienced and knowledgable clinical supervisors as evidenced by the feedback we receive.

Consultation & Training

Areas of Expertise: Leadership Development and Training; Program Planning & Management; Research/ Evaluation Workplace Programs; Coalition Building/Collaboration; Integrated Care; Alcohol and other Drugs Co-Occurring Substance Abuse and Mental Health; Criminal Justice Programs; Drug Courts; Veterans Courts; Faith Based Community Approach

Achieving Success in Any Area with Us

The Sense of Equity team specializes in Program Development Training & Accreditation Services.  With our training you will have access to competitive edge coaching helping you build a sustainable culture of success. We prove our professionalism by our happy clients and their recommendations. We help you believe in a successful result. We aren’t afraid of difficulties and challenge ourselves every day.  What you can expect from us:

1.  WE EQUIP organizations to be Efficient and Effective while improving Satisfaction and adhering to the organization’s culture and values.
2. WE MAXIMIZE employees’ potential and help them amplify their contributions
3. WE ASSESS what is happening within an organization, provide a systems analysis and then assist the organization with implementing effective intervention
4. WE ALIGN human behavior with preferred outcomes


Give us a call today to help your business be more of a high- output organization.


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